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update license to be more permissive

     2 =====================================
     4 The files contained in this archive / version control repository are copyright 2008-2012 Philip A. Pemberton, Jr., trading as Red Fox Engineering.
     5 Web:
     6 Email: or
     8 You may use the files contained within this archive under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3, as presented in the file "gpl-3.0.txt". Alternatively, the GPLv3 terms may be downloaded from .
    10 The term "DiscFerret" is an unregistered trademark which is reserved solely to describe hardware and software developed by the DiscFerret project. If you manufacture DiscFerret hardware using these files and wish to call the end result by the name "DiscFerret", you MUST contact Philip Pemberton via one of the methods listed above and request permission in advance of any sale or distribution.
    12 Any modified versions must be clearly marked as such, and may not be sold under the DiscFerret brand name without prior permission from Philip Pemberton. This is intended to avoid confusion between modified (unofficial) variants of the DiscFerret design, and official versions designed and manufactured by Philip Pemberton, the DiscFerret Project, or others authorised by Philip Pemberton, trading as Red Fox Engineering.
    14 If you have any questions about this license or require any clarification, please contact Philip Pemberton using the details at the top of this document.